Motorline Wing 400 Twin Gate Kit

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Motorline Wing 400 Twin Gate Kit
  • Motorline Wing 400 Twin Gate Kit
  • Motorline Wing 400 Twin Gate Kit
  • Motorline Wing 400 Twin Gate Kit
Motorline Wing 400 Twin Gate Kit
Model: W400 Twin
Price: 720.00 402.00 inc. VAT

Our 'Motorline Wing 400' Twin gate kit comprises of a pair of Piston motors, control panel, 2x transmitters and Safety Photocells to automate a pair of swing gates upto 8000mm overall width (4 metre / 13 feet each leaf)

The powerful 180 Watt ram motors have a 400mm piston and operate on a 230 Volt mains power supply, which is capable of automating swing gates up to 200 Kg in weight.

Motors are electro-mechanical with worm drive screw operation. The motor is 'irreversible' which means that the gate motor locks firm in the open and closed position after the gate movement has finished. Easy to use manual override release in the event of a power failure.

Piston gate motors provide good reliable gate automation for many timber and metal gates

This 'Do It Yourself' gate kit includes: 1x Pair of 'Wing 400' ram motors (1x Left hand and 1x Right hand), 1x MC2 Control Panel with integral radio receiver, 2x Transmitters, 1x Pair of Safety Photocells, 2x Pair of Ram mounting brackets, 2x Capacitors, 2x Manual Release keys

The Ram mounting brackets that are supplied with this kit have screw in fixings for timber gates and posts, or they can be cut and welded on to metal gates and posts where necessary

The MC2 Control Panel will accept up to 215 individual remote control transmitters. The control panel has many features and options where the motor run time, soft start / soft stop functions, electric locks, additional safety devices. The panel runs on a 230 Volt power supply and is very simple to wire up and program.

Automated Gates are perfectly safe when installed correctly.

A single pair of Safety Photocells are included in the kit, which will provide a safety beam across the gate opening. We can offer additional Photocells and Safety edge strips to allow the installer to create a safety zone through the entire gate moving area - please contact us to discuss details

Don't be fooled by this 'cheap' gate automation kit. The motors, control panel and transmitters are manufactured in Italy and each component is tested thoroughly. The motors are covered by our unconditional 2 year warranty, whereas the control panel is covered by a 5 year warranty against faulty parts. This gate kit is quick and easy to install, whilst being solid, reliable and at an ultra competitive price.

We have been installing these gate motors for years and they have proven to be versatile and easy to install - we have experienced staff available to assist you with the various aspects of the installation and the programming setup.

We can assist you in all areas of gate automation - take advantage of our experience and make sure you do the job right!

Please read the Installation manuals below, which give a comprehensive step by step guide to gate automation

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